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"The Infinadeck...  should be the product for those of you out there who do not get on the treadmill just because you find staring at a wall (or whatever is in front of you) while walking for 15 minutes absolutely boring. The Infinadeck will allow you to take a look at everything around you."


"Infinadeck is the floor your VR holodeck has been waiting for"

"The Infinadeck... could very well be the best of the bunch."


"The Infinadeck... allows a user to walk completely naturally in any direction. Unlike other VR treadmills that have sprung up recently, the Infinadeck is an active, rather than passive, solution to the problem of VR locomotion."


"The Infinadeck... is as simple as hopping on top of it, and start walking around regardless of the VR world that you are in."

The Infinadeck is the world's first affordable omnidirectional treadmill that is designed to work both in augmented and virtual reality.  This revolutionary device provides the missing link making it now possible to have a true Holodeck experience. You might say, "Reality just got bigger".

Reality just got bigger


"The Infinadeck lets you walk in any direction."
"No, that's not a detached tank tread you're looking at, it's a treadmill -- and it doesn't care which direction you're walking."


"Virtual reality as in the Star Trek Holodeck? The Infinadeck promises at least a similar experience and reasonably solid ground under your feet."


"So far the solutions to this problem have been less than impressive, but the Infinadeck—a treadmill that lets you walk in any direction—might just be the perfect solution."

Who is saying what about Infinadeck


"The Infinadeck works just like a standard treadmill so people don’t need any special equipment to use it. There are no special shoes or suit required..."

Interesting Engineering

"...soon gamers could have their own version of the Holodeck by way of the Infinadeck."