Upcoming Events

Infinadeck Global Launch Party

March 28th 6PM (PDT)

Join us for the Global Launch of Infinadeck on March 28th @ SVVR STUDIO.

Infinadeck was first showcased at the inaugural SVVR Conference & Expo (way back in 2014), and we’re honored to have SVVR host our Global Launch event. Come see for yourself how Infinadeck has evolved to become the only true commercial omnidirectional treadmill.

Demos from 6pm-10pm.

IMAX Premier Demo Event

March 28th 6PM (PDT)

Infinadeck will be at the Esquire IMAX Theater in Sacramento, California on Wednesday, March 28th at 7PM (PST) for a special IMAX Premier Event where we will be giving demos of our latest Infinadeck model. 

Demo the Infinadeck at the READY PLAYER ONE: VR Showcase

March 24-25

The OASIS isn’t fiction. It lives in the form of virtual reality and exists in a state of rapid development. To honor those achievements, the Gateway VR Showroom is hosting the Official READY PLAYER ONE VR Showcase with HTC VIVE. This 3 day free Virtual Reality Installation will take place in the heart of Silicon Beach where 10 different best in class hardware/software experiences will be on display for the public to try out.

Presented by HTC VIVE and READY PLAYER ONE, come see how these technologies of the future are changing the game and offering new ways to experience reality in today’s primitive form of the OASIS.