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January 12, 2016

The World’s First TRUE Commercially-Viable Omnidirectional Treadmill



On January 6th, the Infinadeck team will demonstrate their new and improved omnidirectional treadmill at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2016. Infinadeck is the world’s first commercially-viable omnidirectional treadmill.  This patented device allows users to naturally walk and run in any direction and, when paired with a VR headset, creates a personal holodeck experience that will allow users to take a stroll through vast, immersive new worlds.

“I created Infinadeck because I knew I could solve this problem (of how to walk in VR) better than anyone else. The Infinadeck is the best solution for walking in VR. Other devices attempt to trick you into feeling like you’re walking; I wanted something that will let you walk in Virtual Reality like you would normally walk in reality.  We’re going to CES so we can show the VR community that this is what we think the future of locomotion for virtual reality will be“, says George Burger, the inventor of the Infinadeck.

Infinadeck is a pioneering tech company in the virtual reality hardware market.  The company’s vision is to create a virtual reality omnidirectional treadmill that will feel so natural that users will forget they are on it.  “There is a long list of potential markets; physical therapy, fitness, architectural walk-throughs, education, military and industrial training and many more.” says George. There are others who are also targeting this market with omni-directional slide-mills and foot tracking, but this treadmill allows the most realistic and immersive VR walking experience around”.

The new treadmill is only 4.4 ft by 5.6 ft (1.3 m x 1.7 m) and weighs in at a reasonable 500 lbs (225 kg).  The machine stands a mere 16 in (.4 m) off the ground and is surprisingly quiet for such a powerful machine.


The Infinadeck is powered by two motors. One moves the platform like a regular treadmill and the other moves the belt in the perpendicular direction. By combining two treadmills into one, the Infinadeck lets a user walk forward, sideways, and even diagonally!   George’s team has also equipped the Infinadeck with a customizable support system that straps comfortably around the user’s waist and keeps them secured as they move.   This support system has been designed to let a user jump and crouch for a full range of motion.


As the user walks forward, the sensor array connected to the support system measures the forward movement down to a fraction of an inch and communicates to the treadmill to move in the opposite direction in order to keep them in the middle of the platform. That same movement can then, when paired with a VR headset, give the user the impression that they are walking naturally through a virtual environment.

A fully functional prototype of the Infinadeck was demoed to VR enthusiasts at the first SVVR conference in 2014.  “I have been working hard to improve the Infinadeck over the past few years”, George Burger explained, “and I’m looking forward to showing off what we’ve accomplished”. In order to finish preparing Infinadeck for its release, George left his job as the Director of New Product Development for Louisville Slugger in order to put all of his focus and resources into the development of this high-tech VR treadmill.  George will be joined by his family and friends along with his Director of Health Applications and nephew, Matt Earnest, his Director of Engineering Gary Quigley, and his Director of Technology Matt Carrell.

Reality just got bigger


The Infinadeck is designed for customers looking for precision, high-end, controlled omnidirectional walking solutions. Infinadeck plans to make a limited number of these treadmills available to strategic business partners, and expects to produce a lower priced consumer model in the near future.

With a business model that is focused on innovation and continuous progress, there are sure to be a lot of exciting new developments coming from Infinadeck in the future.

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As seen at CES 2016! – Palmer Luckey takes the Infinadeck for a spin.
Infinadeck is a Northern California-based company.