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About Us

About Infinadeck

A Message from Our Founder, George Burger, Sr.

“I was inspired to create the Infinadeck back in 2010 after seeing my son spend countless hours playing “Halo” and “Call of Duty”. I thought the game would be so much more fun for him if he could just “step inside” the game and be an active participant, truly immersed in all the action. I searched for a device or platform that would let him fully inside the action; walking or jogging like a real soldier would. After looking for months, for anything close to offering true movement in a virtual environment, nothing turned up. I decided to invent a Virtual Reality movement platform myself.

My search began before there were commercially available VR headsets or widespread commercial VR applications. During this time, before he founded Oculus, Palmer Luckey and I became email and text buddies, and we kept in touch and cheered each other on as we worked on different parts of VR.

After 5 years of hard work and research, I created the Infinadeck and patented it in 2015. That version is the foundation for today’s Infinadeck: natural walking in any direction, a platform that seamlessly works with multiple types of headsets, operating systems, application environments and peripherals. A device that works for Global 2000 companies in enterprise training, militaries all over the world to immersively simulate combat and leading academic medical centers deploying and developing cutting-edge therapies.”

  • 360-degree moving floor allows for true and natural movement
  • Fully documented SDK for Unity & Unreal
  • Includes a full Infinadeck Simulator for developers without a physical Infinadeck device
  • Easy development with API’s and plugins for Unity, Unreal engines and other platforms
  • Active wireless control system instantly reacts to movements
  • No harness, special shoes, or hardware required
  • Seamless integration with VR software and hardware
  • Network multiple units for training, collaboration or networked fitness
  • Easy to use for both children and adults
  • VR UX/UI for use with developed content