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Infinadeck and Khymeia Partner in Neurorehabilitation 

Rocklin, California – December 15, 2019: Infinadeck Corporation (www.infinadeck.com) and Khymeia Group (http://khymeia.com/en/) announced their strategic collaboration in building solutions for clinicians and patients in the field of neurological rehabilitation medicine. With this collaboration patients will benefit from highly advanced treatments for neurological functional recovery. The Infinadeck/Khymeia solution, marketed as Khymeia’s “MoonWalker” unit, combines motion from Infinadeck’s groundbreaking omnidirectional treadmill with Khymeia’s clinical software and hardware, all on a virtual reality technology platform. According to Khymeia’s CEO, Federico Piron, he expects that “the MoonWalker will provide a completely new way of approaching a rehabilitation regimen, not possible to date. The MoonWalker will markedly improve treatment options for neurorehabilitation patients suffering from acute brain injuries as well as those seeking to improve from chronic movement impairments or debilitating conditions such as Parkinson’s Disease”. Kenneth Bossung, Infinadeck’s CEO, says “The MoonWalker is the most elegant, easy to use and functional product on the market for neurorehabilitation. Here is something that can literally transform patients and their families lives. Infinadeck is grateful to have such a strong partner in Khymeia”. 

The MoonWalker can be seen in action here: 

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Infinadeck Corporation created “The Infinadeck”, the world’s most advanced omnidirectional treadmill. It allows users to naturally walk or jog in any direction. The company’s vision is improving reality through immersive mobility. The Infinadeck enables lifelike, full VR immersion. 


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Khymeia is a pioneering medical technology company founded in 1998, that was built on cutting-edge research by Dr. Lamberto Piron and Institute Professor Emilio Bizzi of MIT’s Department of Cognitive Science. The results of this research about neurological functional recovery employing virtual reality technology, inspired Khymeia’s founding and growth. The company has built a global market for its products in neurorehabilitation and telerehabilitation medicine. 

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