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Infinadeck and Mace Virtual Labs (MaceVL) Announce Global 2000 Partnership 

Rocklin, California – January 29, 2020: Infinadeck Corporation (www.infinadeck.com) and Mace Virtual Labs (www.macevl.com) announced a strategic partnership. Under the terms of the partnership, MaceVL will introduce Infinadeck and its state of the art “Infinadeck” VR mobility platform unit to companies belonging to the Global 2000. The Infinadeck is widely recognized as the most advanced locomotion solution in VR, and the only one that allows for true, natural walking. MaceVL is a globally respected channel partner and solutions provider, with deep relationships with companies looking for game-changing VR applications. Chad Modad, MaceVL’s Managing Partner, said “we were amazed by the Infinadeck’s performance. We work with the world’s largest companies in helping them solve business challenges that VR can surmount. We have never seen a VR mobility solution that fully realizes full immersion- until the Infinadeck, and particularly for “high consequence” training situations, such as in a petrochemical plant or on an oil rig platform, where lifelike training can have lifesaving benefits down the road”. Kenneth Bossung, Infinadeck’s CEO, praises “MaceVL’s great business savvy and VR domain expertise. We think Chad and his colleagues effectively connect MaceVL’s clients’ business needs with Infinadeck’s capabilities. Chad’s team really gets us and have the credibility and relationships to introduce us to great potential partners”. 

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Infinadeck Corporation created “The Infinadeck”, the world’s most advanced omnidirectional treadmill. It allows users to naturally walk or jog in any direction. The company’s vision is improving reality through immersive mobility. The Infinadeck enables lifelike, full VR immersion. 

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MaceVL is a leading VR solutions provider based in Houston, TX. The company prides itself on the ability to “curate the breadth and depth of immersive technology to provide turnkey commercial solutions for customers in training, government, research, medical, and entertainment”. The MaceVL team combines deep technical expertise in VR hardware and software with strong empathy for the business problems their clientele is looking to solve. 

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