Really Experience Your Design

Unifying The Construction Ecosystem
Infinadeck’s true walking and networked abilities allow for design and construction teams to virtually work together and communicate across distance and complexity. The ability for Architects and/or Engineers to work and walk together with their clients through virtual versions of their future design projects can save enormous amounts of time and money.

Collaborative Client Engagement and Interactive Design Reviews

Infinadeck enhances your VR designs by adding mobility for a truly life-like immersive experience.

Concept reveals: Gain client buy-in early in the process through a fully immersive experience

Design reviews: Eliminate excessive delays and cost overruns through real-life reviews prior to construction

Engineering reviews: Walkthrough complex and elaborate engineering designs and revise prior to implementation

CAD to VR conversions: Take your CAD to VR conversions to a new level and review by adding true mobility

Real-life Walk-thrus: Provide your clients with life-like experiences to help them imagine your designs

Fun, Stress-free, Collaboration

Design Reviews: Teams can walk through and collaborate on complex virtual or mixed reality projects. Clients can examine the progress of large-scale and complex projects without the expense of an onsite inspection or in following elaborate blueprints.

Business Development/Sales: Professionals can use design and presentation software along with the Infinadeck’s immersive abilities to offer potential clients a variety of life-like design alternatives to make for an extremely persuasive sales presentation.

Residential and Commercial Real Estate: Clients could filter through dozens of houses or commercial leasing opportunities, powered by the Infinadeck’s immersive and true walking, all in the same day, avoiding unnecessary travel expenses. These direct and instantaneous comparisons will set the new market standard for the modern real estate venture

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