The Ultimate Training Tool

The Infinadeck is the natural evolution of the use of virtual reality for fitness

Fitness Anywhere, Anytime Through VR Fitness

Many VR Fitness applications greatly benefit from using a VR platform, as new scenarios, speeds, and immersion enable more entertaining and challenging fitness routines.

Run a marathon: Imagine the ability to fully immerse yourself running a marathon in your living room

Hike a trail, anywhere: Run on a trail in Thailand, California, Vermont…from your gym or home.

Walk in any park: Walk and talk with your friend….who lives in another country…through Central Park, Hyde Park or wherever you want

Explore all national parks: Explore National Parks, Museums, and National Monuments from any location.

Unite with friends: Bring together your best friends….from other locations….daily or weekly for an energizing walk or run as you talk amongst each other as if you were all together.

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