The Ultimate Training Tool

The Infinadeck is the natural evolution of the use of virtual reality for fitness

Fitness Anywhere, Anytime

  • Many Fitness applications greatly benefit from using a VR platform, as new scenarios, speeds, and immersion enable more entertaining and challenging fitness routines.

    Run a marathon: Imagine the ability to fully immerse yourself running a marathon in your living room
    Hike a trail, anywhere: Run on a trail in Thailand, California, Vermont…from your gym or home.
    Walk in any park: Walk and talk with your friend….who lives in another country…through Central Park, Hyde Park or wherever you want
    Explore all national parks: Explore National Parks, Museums, and National Monuments from any location.
    Unite with friends: Bring together your best friends….from other locations….daily or weekly for an energizing walk or run as you talk amongst each other as if you were all together.