Empowering Your Patients With Virtual Reality in Healthcare

Infinadeck provides the ideal recovery environment and tracks patient performance

Imagine How Your Next Patients’ Experience Can Be Enhanced

Measured medical rehabilitation: Impact recovery time for an injury or debilitating illness including the data to fully support progress

Improved balance skills: With proper use and supervision, improve balance skills as they move at their own pace

Increased patient confidence: An environment where confidence is increased as they safely move naturally<

Measured patient outcomes: Measure and see results as recovery times decrease dramatically

Controlled medical research and development: Perform natural movement research in a controlled 8’ x 8’ space. Eliminate the need for entire rehab rooms and expensive structural enhancements.

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Virtual Reality in Healthcare Rehabilitation

The Infinadeck is a uniquely valuable virtual reality in healthcare rehabilitation and diagnostic tool in a variety of medical use cases. The Infinadeck is a digitally connected device that coordinates controlled and monitored motion for the patient in the virtual and physical world. An onsite or remote therapist or clinician can design a customized and safe rehabilitation routine for the patient and monitor their performance in real-time, and using the VR headset and computer’s output, see what the patient is seeing.

Featured on Smarter Everyday

Watch Destin Sandlin from Smarter Everyday experience Infinadeck first-hand and dive into the technical details of how Infinadeck works and the engineering problems it solves.