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The World’s Only True Multidirectional VR Treadmill

  • Patent-pending TruWalk™ omnidirectional technology

  • Naturally walk or jog in any direction

  • No additional equipment required

  • Native integration with your VR system

  • SDKs available on Unity and Unreal VR platforms

  • Active wireless control system

  • Link multiple units for shared experiences

Multiple Applications


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Infinadeck in the Wild

British Army

UK Ministry of Defence Royal Army
Watch how the British Royal Army is using Infinadeck for highly realistic VR combat training

Cleveland Clinic

Cleveland Clinic Treats Parkinson’s Disease
Read how world-famous Cleveland Clinic is using Infinadeck to treat Alzeimer’s symptoms.


Khymeia Virtual Rehabilitation Platform
Watch how an Italian medical equipment manufacturer is using Infinadeck for VR-based rehabilitation solutions


Heidenhain Technology
Watch how Infinadeck is enabled by cutting-edge technology partner Heidenhain.


TWIT Tech Podcast
Experience a real-time demo of Infinadeck’s awesome capabilities in a live VR environment.


Read how Mechdyne – an advanced VR-integration company has incorporated Infinadeck into a training environment for the U.S. military.

Featured on Smarter Everyday

Watch Destin Sandlin from Smarter Everyday experience Infinadeck first-hand and dive into the technical details of how Infinadeck works and the engineering problems it solves.

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