Embrace Training & Immersive Learning

Infinadeck allows you to immediately use your existing VR training content with the addition of true mobility for life-like immersive training experiences

Imagine how True Natural Walking can Enhance Your Own VR Employee Training

High Consequence Training: Eliminate injury or more drastic consequences while employees safely navigate high-risk environments such as oil rigs, boiler rooms, sub-stations, refineries

Warehouse training: Train your employees walking in a virtual warehouse

Increase customer service: Add mobility to properly train employees to deliver great customer experiences

Logistics training: Train employees for complex logistical tasks

Operational Efficiency

Virtual Reality is greatly transforming enterprise job training. Employees learn more quickly and retain the information for much longer via a VR or Mixed Reality platform. Infinadeck’s plug and play, true locomotion greatly enhances the VR training experience by adding natural walking in any industry: retail, construction, manufacturing, energy & utilities, automotive, aerospace, transportation are just a few.

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