Embrace VR Corporate Training With Infinadeck

Infinadeck allows you to immediately use your existing VR training content with the addition of true mobility for life-like immersive training experiences

Imagine how True Natural Walking can Enhance Your Own VR Employee Training

High Consequence VR Corporate Training: Eliminate injury or more drastic consequences while employees safely navigate high-risk environments such as oil rigs, boiler rooms, sub-stations, refineries

Warehouse VR Employee Training: Train your employees walking in a virtual warehouse

Increase Customer Service: Add mobility to properly train employees to deliver great customer experiences

Logistics Training: Train employees for complex logistical tasks

Your employees can benefit greatly from VR training in a variety of scenarios. VR employee training is as close to real-life situations as your employees will get. With the Infinadeck, your employees can experience just about any situation they could enter at work while also being kept safe. It can be used to train employees on how to deal with customers, how to work in a warehouse, and much, much more. Contact us to get your free proposal on Infinadeck and how we can help you with your VR corporate training. Let us show you how virtual reality training can benefit your employees!

Operational Efficiency

Virtual Reality is greatly transforming enterprise job training. Employees learn more quickly and retain the information for much longer via a VR or Mixed Reality platform. Infinadeck’s plug and play, true locomotion greatly enhances the VR training experience by adding natural walking in any industry: retail, construction, manufacturing, energy & utilities, automotive, aerospace, transportation are just a few.

Featured on Smarter Everyday

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