Use Your Existing VR Military Training Content to Seamlessly Experience Endless Government Use Cases

A whole squad, platoon, or even company of soldiers will be able to practice maneuvers together in a virtual environment.

What Can You Imagine?

Military training: Imagine an entire squad of soldiers training together, walking naturally as if in a real environment.

First responder training: Train first responders in difficult urban environments fully immersed and mobile as if they were in a city or entering a dangerous environment.

Human performance research: Track effects of various stimuli in controlled settings and measure heart rate, breathing, fear, anxiety, etc.

Firefighter training: Enter dangerous environments without the risk of injury.

Injury or PTSD Rehabilitation: Work with individuals to dramatically reduce recovery time to return to the positions they’re trained for

Logistics training: Train individuals for cargo loading in aircraft, ships or other vehicles with the addition of true mobility

VR Training in Military
Military Training at Sunset

Military VR Training: Imagine warfighting exercises being conducted on an individual or a fireteam, platoon, squad, or even company basis. Infinadeck’s digital capabilities allow for real-time networking with other soldiers, and a fully coordinated and synchronized training environment.

PTSD Rehabilitation: Imagine Infinadeck’s true locomotion platform empowering PTSD sufferers with the confidence to walk at their own speed-enhancing their recovery significantly.

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