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The Infinadeck Experience Platform™

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What is Infinadeck?

Infinadeck is the only truly immersive experience platform for full-body motion in the metaverse and for VR experiences in the world. The Infinadeck Experience Platform™  allows users to naturally walk in any direction.

The Infinadeck Experience Platform™  is a patented omnidirectional treadmill designed for state-of-the-art simulation and training in VR. The unit can be utilized individually or as a networked digital device, where multiple users can deploy on individual Infinadecks to train, work or play together.

Currently, the Infinadeck is being used as a valuable tool for training soldiers in hyper-realistic scenarios, (both in the US and UK). Infinadeck has also found unparalleled utility in human performance testing, medical rehabilitation, complex project communication, collaboration, and entertainment.

The Infinadeck was featured in Stephen Spielberg’s Ready Player One and has been featured in the news by the likes of ABC, TWiT.TV, Road to VR, Smarter every day, and more.

See how the Infinadeck is poised to take the metaverse to new heights of true immersion!


  • 360-degree moving floor for natural movement

  • Active wireless control system

  • No special equipment or hardware required

  • Native Integration With Your VR OS

  • Link multiple units for shared experiences

Solving the Industries Biggest Problems

Optimize your VR environments with safe, accessible, natural movement.

Discover the Difference

Bringing Mobility To Your Virtual Reality Environment.

Natural Movement

Natural walking in any direction.

Industry Ready

Globally Available

Linkable Framework

Interconnect multiple units for training, collaboration and play

Plug & Play

Seamless integration with VR hardware and software (Fully integrated for any VR experience)

Easy to Use

Scalable Solutions
Multiple locations, multiple users, globally

Active Control

Wireless control instantly reacts to user movements

Deliver natural motion to your rehabilitation platforms. Immerse patients to heal both body and mind.

The Infinadeck can help improve a patient’s rehabilitation experience, whether that patient is recovering from an accident, sports injury, or improving on a chronic illness’s condition.

Dramatically increase training depth and efficiency.

Moving real-life combat simulation into a virtual world dramatically reduces the costs of running these critical exercises.

Enhance experiential learning with natural walking, without “teleporting”.

The Infinadeck’s true locomotion’s capabilities dramatically increase the immersive and learning experience for Enterprise Training. Experiential learning enhanced by VR has emerged as the most effective way to learn. Studies show that learning through an effective VR-enhanced experience increases the quality of learning and retention by 75-90%.

Get up close and personal with your projects. Show off your vision like never before.

Save a substantial portion of your project’s review and design budget by having the Infinadeck connect you through VR with your clients, and your design and construction partners.

Step into an unparalleled experience.

Observe people in natural motion, in controlled environments.

Supercharge academic environments with experiential learning. Explore ancient civilizations or enjoy illustrative simulations with the addition of natural motion.


Exercise and explore in an open world scenario.

Get fit while immersed in any environment you choose.

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