Optimize Your VR Education & Research Tools

The Infinadeck’s paradigm-changing omni-directional treadmill makes it a valuable research and teaching tool. Researchers can better study human and computer interactions, as well as the nature of locomotion and perception in VR and Mixed Reality.

A Powerful VR Education and Research Tool

You can gain a lot of valuable information with VR education and research tools. We have one of the best tools on the market for virtual reality education and learning. It can be used in the military, government, healthcare, company training, and more. Below is a list of just a handful of the ways you can benefit from using the Infinadeck.

Retail research: You can measure customer experiences and reactions while moving through various virtual environments with our VR education tool.

Pedestrian movement: Research how individuals move in high traffic areas to ensure proper safety designs. Keeping people safe is critical. With the Infinadeck, you’ll be able to plan and design various areas extremely well to keep people safe.

Human interaction: Research and measure human interaction in a controlled setting under constantly changing scenarios. You’ll be able to see exactly how people react in various situations and incorporate that information into your training.

Immersive research: Manipulate environments in ways normally impossible or prohibitively expensive.

Real-life experiences: Measure response rate to exiting burning buildings, fire or other stressful events. Few things in life are as good as hands-on experience. With the Infinadeck, you get just that! Your staff can see what it’s like to actually go through real-life challenges in real-time. There’s no substitute for that kind of knowledge.

Virtual Reality conjures thoughts of youngsters playing games on couches and there certainly is some of that. Through the billions of dollars that have been poured into VR in the gaming industry are now being leveraged for science, research, and education. The use cases in this area are endless and can only be expanded on with the addition of true, natural walking.

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